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Dear Fellow Educators,

God bless you as you strive to bring quality Christian education to the world. We at ICAAI are always blessed to hear from those who have a burden to offer excellence in the form of Christian Education.

ICAAI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry dedicated to helping Bible colleges, institutes, seminaries, schools and other organized bodies gain a quality, non regional, accreditation.

At ICAAI we consider accreditation a process of recognizing educational institutions for performance, integrity and quality which entitles them to the confidence of the educational community and the public. The accrediting process requires institutions and programs to examine their goals, operations and achievements, followed by the expert criticism and suggestions of a training team and later by the recommendation of the accrediting body.

Even if you have been denied accreditation by other bodies, we invite you to apply with ICAAI. Although our guidelines are very structured, we offer something different than many other accreditation bodies. We will work with you and help you over hindering obstacles. We are a ministry dedicated to helping serious applicants to gain that recognition they deserve.

Your ICAAI Representative

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About ICAAI:

ICAAI  is not recognized by the United States Department of Education. Credits earned at any ICAAI accredited institution are not automatically transferable. These credits have been accepted by many other colleges, but absolutely no claims of acceptance are made. Because the convictions and desires of most of our members, we voluntarily maintain separation of church and state, we have never applied for any affiliation with the government. We are an independent accrediting agency, WE ARE NOT REGIONAL. We believe that even small colleges, Bible schools and other Christian institutions, who would not be accepted by the D.O.E. should still have the chance to become an accredited institution.

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  The purpose of the International Commission on Academic Accreditation, Inc. is to act as an assisting body to help schools in their quest to offer the highest in academic excellence and ethical practices. We are not a board of governance; rather we come alongside to offer help when needed.
    ICAAI  is dedicated to advancing the cause of Christian education in our nation and abroad.
    ICAAI accepts outstanding Christian colleges, seminaries, schools and institutes that seek involvement in the accreditation process.
    The mission of ICAAI is to provide a solid and reliable witness of the strength of Christian education for any institution.

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Benefits of Accreditation:
    Involvement in an international organization assisting Christian schools and establishing standards of performance helps to promote credibility in the Christian education community.
    You receive guidance and direction in a self study and evaluation process that will strengthen and improve your school's image and stability.
    You are linked to professional Christian educators and representatives who are always ready to assist you.
    Accreditation provides an external witness to your community and the student body as to the level of quality and professionalism your school offers.
    It is an indication to other schools, colleges, and educational interest groups of your commitment to standards and excellence.

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Why You Should Consider ICAAI
    If you are a new institution, ICAAI can help you in the areas of:
  • Administrative evaluation
    • Having the proper corporate structure
    • Having the proper filing systems
  • Curriculum Evaluation - Helping to point institutions in the "right direction" academically.
    If you are an established institution desiring extra accreditation, ICAAI can help by conducting simple visits once every five years to confirm compliance with ICAAI guidelines

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Accreditation is Quality Control
    Accreditation in higher education is a collegial process based on self and peer assessment for improvement of academic quality and public accountability. This quality control process occurs on a continuing basis.

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The Importance of Accreditation:

  American higher education has emerged over its history as a diverse, competitive, decentralized "system," with vibrant private and public sectors in which colleges and universities enjoy comparatively high autonomy. As a result, American higher education has become the envy of the world, leading in both the production of new knowledge and the proportion of its population that goes to college. Students from nations the world over come to American colleges and universities as to no other.
    Accreditation is one of the major factors behind this global leadership. Accreditation reflects the comparative advantages of American higher education (such as its numerous and diverse institutions and its method of graduate education) and respects its core values of autonomy, self- governance, scholarship, and the assurance of academic quality through peer review.
    In nearly every other country, higher education is controlled and monitored by the national government, which promulgates higher education policy. As free markets, democracy, and individualism spread around the world, however, many nations are adapting their higher education systems to the more competitive U.S. model, of which accreditation is a central part.

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Premium Membership:

Premium Membership is only available to branches of Freedom Bible College and Seminary and is free of charge to them. Although they are automatically covered by the ICAAI Accreditation umbrella, they may become a Premium Member by simply filling out the paperwork.
   Why is it important to become a  Premium Member? Because the application process alone verifies that the branch is on the academic target and their educational goals and future visions are in line with ICAAI goals and visions.

The Next Step:
    If you are interested in becoming an accredited member of the International Commission on Academic Accreditation, contact us by postal or E-mail or call us and we will send you our brochure of requirements and an application.

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